Recipe: Delectable LOW CARB | Chinese Chicken Cabbage Salad

Recipe: Delectable LOW CARB | Chinese Chicken Cabbage Salad

LOW CARB | Chinese Chicken Cabbage Salad. I don't post a lot of low carb salad recipes here on IBIH because the plain fact is, they rarely get much traffic. Now all of that being said, I have made this delicious Low Carb Chinese Chicken Salad far too many Because this is made with a variety of shredded cabbage which is heartier than lettuce. I know, salads and guilty pleasures don't normally go together, but this Chinese chicken salad is one of those go-to recipes that I build my week around! ©Little Pine Low Carb.

Recipe: Delectable LOW CARB | Chinese Chicken Cabbage Salad Infuse the oil with aromatics and then toss at a high heat, this adds a smoky flavor to the sweet fried cabbage and makes a quick and delicious side dish. A twist on a classic recipe, this Chinese chicken cabbage salad is made with store-bought rotisserie chicken, and a homemade soy-ginger vinaigrette In a small skillet, add the cashews and toast gently over low heat. Transfer to a cutting board to cool. Nowdays, you should can prepare LOW CARB | Chinese Chicken Cabbage Salad using 16 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how the way you achieve it.

Ingredients of LOW CARB | Chinese Chicken Cabbage Salad

  1. Prepare 2 cup of Chicken Breast | cooked & shredded.
  2. It’s 2 cup of Red Cabbage | shredded.
  3. It’s 2 cup of Green Cabbage | shredded.
  4. It’s 4 of Green Onions | sliced.
  5. You need 1/2 cup of Almonds | slivered.
  6. Prepare 2 tbsp of Sesame Seeds | toasted.
  7. It’s of Dressing.
  8. Prepare 1/4 cup of Grape or Flax Seed Oil.
  9. You need 1/4 cup of Vinegar.
  10. You need 2 tbsp of Sugar.
  11. Prepare 1 tsp of Salt.
  12. You need 1/2 tsp of Ginger.
  13. You need 1/2 tsp of Black Pepper.
  14. You need 1/2 tsp of Onion Powder.
  15. Prepare 1/2 tsp of Garlic Powder.
  16. Prepare of Baby Spring Salad Mix.
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Chop into bite-sized pieces and set aside for garnish. Years ago I spotted this Crunchy Low-Carb Napa Cabbage Asian Slaw recipe in The Sunset Cookbook and made a slightly adapted version of it right away. Salads like this that are a jumble of ingredients can be a challenge to photograph well. But recently I decided to make the salad and see if I could get.

LOW CARB | Chinese Chicken Cabbage Salad step by step

  1. Toss all of the salad ingredients together in a large bowl..
  2. In a separate bowl, whisk together the dressing ingredients..
  3. Pour dressing over salad and toss until well coated..
  4. Refrigerate for two hours..
  5. Serve chilled over Baby Spring Salad Mix..

Easy Keto Low Carb Chicken Salad Recipe – Paleo – This easy chicken salad recipe is packed with flavorful herbs. Learn how to make simple, healthy, & naturally low carb chicken salad in just a few minutes! A low-carb salad doesn't have to be boring and unsatisfying. This protein-packed recipe for Asian chopped salad is packed with fresh flavors! Keyword: chicken and cabbage, chicken thigh recipes, low-carb cabbage.

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