Recipe: Delicious French Onion Soup

Recipe: Delicious French Onion Soup

French Onion Soup.

Recipe: Delicious French Onion Soup Nowdays, you should can have French Onion Soup using 8 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how the way you achieve that.

Ingredients of French Onion Soup

  1. It’s 4 of Brown Onions *thinly sliced.
  2. It’s 30 g of Butter *OR Olive Oil 2 tablespoons.
  3. It’s 4 cups of Chicken/Beef/Vegetable Stock.
  4. It’s 1/2 cup of White Wine *optional.
  5. Prepare of Salt.
  6. It’s of Freshly Ground Black Pepper.
  7. Prepare 8 slices of Baguette (French Stick).
  8. It’s of Tasty Cheese OR Parmesan Cheese 1/4 cup each serving *grated.

French Onion Soup instructions

  1. Place Onion and Butter in a large heat-proof bowl and cover with a large plate. Heat for 3 minutes, mix, and heat 2 more minutes. Mix and heat extra 2 more minutes..
  2. Carefully transfer the onion to a large sauce pan or a pot, cook over medium heat, stirring occasionally, turn down the heat if needed, until caramelised and browned..
  3. Add Stock and Wine (*optional), and bring to the boil. Simmer, uncovered, for 5 to 10 minutes. Season with Salt and Pepper..
  4. Preheat the over to 200C or the grill on medium-high. Divide the soup to oven-safe serving bowls and place 2 slices of bread in each bowl. Sprinkle the cheese evenly over the bread..
  5. Place the bowls on the baking tray, cook in the oven or under the grill until the cheese is melted and golden..
  6. Remove carefully from the oven or the grill, and let cool for a few minutes otherwise you will burn your tongue! Serve on heatproof small plate..
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